Please Don’t Go Before I Get Better : Poems

Please Don’t Go Before I Get Better : Poems


Madisen Kuhn

. . .

Published : May 2018

. . .

“you make so much sense

amidst the tangled vines of

learning and unlearning

please don’t go before i get better”

-rough draft

. . .

“they tell you to dispose of anyone who makes you feel


you aren’t easy to love

but sometimes you aren’t (easy to love)

some days you’ll rock back and forth on the kitchen


with terror dripping from your quivering lips…”


Described as “Instagram poetry and prose”, this book is a reflection of a young woman coming of age, and finding herself.

Self discovery, self-love, mental illness, and heartbreak litter these pages.

This book had so much potential, but ultimately I was disappointed.

One of the best things about this book was the cover, and the title, unfortunately.

Madisen can write, that’s for sure, but I didn’t really get poetry from this. It was a lot of journal-esque type entries. A lot of love poems, and heartbreak poems, which was disappointing because I was hoping for something more original.

There were only a few poems I liked, and I found the journal entries rather boring.

I guess I just had high expectations, because this book made it seem like it would be more about mental illness, and less about her daily life, and her ex-boyfriend.

If she ever writes a fully poetic book, I would maybe read it.

. . .

“stay busy. don’t let yourself freeze. move even if it feels like all your bones are broken and someone replaced your lungs with deflated balloons. those little voices in your head telling you that something is terribly wrong, that you are not okay, that there is no hope, that you should lay cement over your feet and accept defeat . . . they’re lying, they are not you. maybe our brains aren’t wired just right, but that’s no excuse to abstain from life. if we aren’t living, then what are we doing? it will pass, it always does.”

-bathroom mirror pep talk

. . .

My Rating :


Thanks for reading!

. . .

Have you read this poem collection? Does it strike a chord with you? Let me know in the comments!

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