Lock Every Door

Lock Every Door


Riley Sager

. . .

Published : July 2019

. . .

Jules is having a rough time. She’s crashing on her best friends couch, she’s between work, and she has a troubled past.

When she sees an ad for an apartment sitter in the prestigious, and secretive Bartholomew apartment building, she thinks her luck is finally turning around. ‘

Sure, there’s a lot of weird, strict rules about residing there, but hey, its the Bartholomew.

She settles into the luxurious apartment, even making friends with a fellow apartment sitter, Ingrid.

However, when Ingrid mysteriously disappears in the middle of the night, Jules is suddenly having second thoughts about this too-good-to-be-true opportunity.

This book had me enthralled from page one. The writing is easy to get into, and Jules is very relatable, and easy to empathize with.

All the characters, even the minor ones, are all well written, and well rounded. You feel like you know them.

The setting is very fleshed out. I can imagine the Bartholomew, I can picture the gargoyles atop it’s roof, and the vibe it gives off to people who don’t live there.

It’s a slow start when it comes to the thrills. The first half of the book really focuses on Jules past, and the past of the building.

When Ingrid goes missing, that’s when the foreshadowing comes in, and it’s very effective. The tone starts to take a darker turn, and I found myself eagerly devouring the book, searching for answers.

Unfortunately, the slow start, and the disappointing huge reveal made this book slightly underwhelming for me. I think I went into it with really high expectations because the premise is so interesting, but it just didn’t fulfill that for me.

. . .

My rating :

★★★ ½

Thanks for reading!

. . .

Have you read Lock Every Door? Did you enjoy it? Let me know in the comments!

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